Grooming tips – Puppies

It is best to get your puppy used to grooming as earlier as possible so don’t be afraid to start from day one. Grooming is necessary for life and it will help you bond with your pet as well as detect disease or problems.

Gently massaging your puppy’s paws and ears daily can help make grooming and medicating easier in the future. Brushing your puppy should be part of a daily routine and it also allows your to check for bright eyes, clean ears and healthy skin. Choose a brush that wont pull through the fur as this may cause pain. Short sessions followed with a treat will help make it a good experience.

You can start bathing your puppy but you must use a pet shampoo. Be careful not to get water or shampoo in your puppy’s eyes or ears. Bathing should be limited to every 2-3 weeks at the most.

When trimming nails, only the tip of the nail beyond the nail bed should be trimmed. It is best to get your vet or a vet nurse to show you the first time so you are confident in the future. Always trim from below the pad and use pet nail trimmer.