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Coast Animal Health Lakehaven
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NSW 2259

02 4392 8822
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Central Coast Vet Nurse and Puppy Trainer, Leah Uzelac, promotes puppy socialisation as a vital period in a dog’s life (usually the first 16 weeks of age). This is the window of opportunity in a dog’s life that greatly influences how the dog will respond to various situations in their adult life.

The temperament, character and behavioural habits of your puppy will be shaped during the socialisation period and can last a lifetime. It is important that all puppies receive adequate socialisation to various stimuli, including different people and other puppies, during this important stage of life.

In order to ensure that your puppy is not afraid of other dogs and other people, all puppies should participate in puppy classes during this socialisation period, regardless of whether the owner has had dogs in the past. These classes can help promote the important human-animal bond that develops early on, as well as helping your puppy learn some good manners.

Most puppies can become a well-adjusted and trusted member of the community through proper socialisation by preparing him or her to deal with various new experiences within the environment in which the puppy lives. By exposing the five senses to various things like different weather condition, sounds, strangers, other dogs and places, you will help shape your furry friend into being the best dog he or she can be.

It is important to realise that some puppies are born with behavioural problems that can be recognised and treated early on by referring them to one of our vets for further assessment. By bringing your puppy to our classes, dogs with behavioural problems can be brought to our attention early on. The earlier these problems are dealt with, the better the outcome.

Leah Uzelac, the resident puppy trainer at the Central Coast Vet team at Coast Animal Health Lakehaven has been dedicated to puppy training using modern reward-based and motivational training techniques for over 10 years. Her patience and experience has ensured that hundreds of local puppies get off to a great start in life.

Leah runs classes at Coast Animal Health Lakehaven on Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm and her courses run for 4 weeks (1 hour sessions). It ensures that your puppy can socialise in a safe environment with an experienced puppy trainer and veterinary nurse, who is there to answer your questions as they arise.

Be sure to book in as soon as you purchase your puppy so you don’t miss out on a spot – places are limited. Phone the Central Coast vet team on (02) 4392 8822 to secure your place.

We are located at 231 Wallarah Road, Kanwal, 2259. Check out our website at www.coastanimalhealth.com.au for further information on our puppy classes and free puppy check-ups.

The Central Coast vet team at Coast Animal Health Lakehaven also offer free puppy vet check-ups – we look forward to meeting your new furry friend.