Socialising your new friend

Socialising Puppies

Socialisation is a vital component to making sure your puppy gets the best start to life. Remember that if your puppy has not yet been given all the necessary vaccinations, it is important you only mix your pup with dogs that are up to date with vaccinations. Puppy Pre-School is a perfect opportunity for this.

You should think about signing your puppy up to a puppy pre-school class in your local area. Ask your Veterinarian for more information.

Puppy Preschool helps teach your pup good manners and socialisation. This results in a confident and friendly adult dog and a happy and relaxed owner.

Puppy Preschool’s main aims are:

  1. To socialise your puppy so it is comfortable with other dogs and people.
  2. Teach your puppy basic commands and good manners.
  3. Help provide you with tips for puppy development and basic pet care.
  4. To provide fun and help so your puppy enjoys future visits to the vet.

Vaccinations will need to be up to date for your pup to be eligible to join the classes.

Great Dane HARLEQUIN and puppy Labrador looking at each other in front of a white background

Tips on Introducing Your Puppy to Other Pets

As dogs are pack animals, you’ll need to introduce you new puppy to other pets and allow him to find his place in the pack.

When introducing your puppy to an adult dog, let them sniff each other talk to them softly. Always watch for aggressive body language:

  • Staring
  • Stiff-legged
  • Growling
  • Bared teeth
  • Ears laid back
  • Mounting

If you notice any of these behaviours, it is best to distract the dogs and separate them from each other. Let them calm down and introduce them again later.

Be alert, stay in control at all times. Make sure you supervise the dogs together for at least 1-2 months before you are happy that they are safe together. Be aware that adult dogs can easily injure a little puppy.

The rule here is to always allow the cat to have an escape route. Allow your cat an area that is off-limits to your puppy. This will help to prevent your cat from feeling threatened and then swiping at your puppy. Never leave them unsupervised until you are sure they are safe together. A cat scratch can do some serious damage to your puppy’s eyes.

Introducing your puppy to a cat

Don’t allow your puppy to chase the cat, rather than punishing him however, you should distract him when this happens and give him something to play with. If your cat beats up the puppy, don’t punish the cat either.

Don’t expect them to be best friends instantly, the relationship will take time and some cats will never warm to a dog.

What about other pets?

Introduce your puppy to other pet such as birds, guinea pigs and rabbits early on but never forget that your puppy may consider them to be dinner!