Tips on how to help your pet loss weight

  1. Enrol your pet into Coast Animal Health’s weight loss program
  2. Make a plan and set a target weight ( we can do this together)
  3. Start your pet on a weight loss food and measure your pet’s daily food requirements. You need to feed your pet to the weight he should be not the weight he is. We recommend Royal Canin Satiety. Satiety means feeling full, so it leaves your pet with a low calorie food that fills them up. It also contains higher fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals – giving your pet a completely balance food.
  4. Change your pets feeding habits – Feed your pet in the morning so they can work off the calories during the day.
  5. Healthy treats – Educ low calorie treat, piece of apple or carrot even a portion of your pets biscuits can be used as a treat.
  6. Make an exercise plan. Tailor an exercise plan to your pet’s needs. It is not all about walking. It could be simply playing fetch with your dog or having multiple food bowls for your cat, so they have to move around to find the food.
  7. Environmental enrichment is the stimulation of the brain by its physical and social surroundings. Treat balls, Kong’s, bob- a lots or even just a treasure hunt by scattering by pets food around the yard is all environmental enrichment.
  9. Book in for regular weigh in’s.

A successful weight loss is 1% per week.

Weight loss is the first big step to a longer, living healthy pet. Your pet will love you for it.

Please call Coast Animal Health to book in weight loss consult 0243928822.