Training your kitten

Cats are very trainable and respond well to positive rewards. Be firm and patient with your kitten and have short training sessions daily to establish a routine. If you can teach your kitten house rules, you can help avoid future behavioural problems. Sitting on the dining room table may be cute now is it really where you want an adult cat to sit while you eat?

Kitten Play Time

At this age, your kitten will be developing a little personality and you will start to notice your kitten growing before your eyes.

It is normal for a kitten to want to climb up high and scratch so you need to provide a suitable environment for these activities.

A scratching post with different platforms works well and you can secure a cat bed on one of the shelves as a “look out”. Try placing treats or toys on the platforms to encourage adventures.

If your kitten wants to climb inappropriate objects you can try covering the area with double-sided tape or even place shallow dishes of water near the area.