Project Description

Joanne Symons

If you were an animal what would you be: Orangutan –they have the strongest bond with their young.

If you weren’t a Vet Nurse what do you think you would be doing: Registered Nurse / Midwife

Favourite Book:  Harry Potter

Greatest Achievement:  Son – Harrison

Hobbies:  Reading

What do you do on your day off: Shopping, catch up on TV and take Harrison on adventures

Favourite Animal: Meerkat

What do you love about your job: Working with animals

Dream Holiday: Greek Islands

If you won lotto what would you do:  Buy a house and go on a long holiday

Pets : Wally – Frankie 16 year old cat – he came into Jo’s life as a 6 month old abandoned kitten, Barry 10 year old Ex clinic cat from a previous nursing job.  Junior 13 year old Chihuahua.