Project Description

Leah Uzelac

If you were an animal what would you be: A cat – relax and sleep in the sun all day.

If you weren’t a Vet Nurse what do you think you would be doing:  Not sure – Maybe a teacher – teaching veterinary nursing

Favourite TV Show: Don’t’ have one.

Greatest Achievement:  I’m yet to achieve this.

Hobbies:  Reading, going to the Gym and playing soccer.

What do you do on your day off: Clean the house, relax, catch up with friends.

Favourite Animal:  Freebie – Our 15yr old border Collie that’s sadly in heaven.

What do you love about your job: Being able to help the animals and educating owners on how to care for their pets

Dream Holiday: Greek Islands

If you won lotto what would you do:   That’s a tough one – buy a property, and help my family.

Pets :  Sadly no pets at the moment. We are awaiting the right rescue pup to come into our lives.