Brushing your pet’s teeth

How To Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Did you know that brushing your pet’s teeth is considered the “gold-standard” of dental care?

Daily brushing is recommended but any brushing is considered beneficial.

Here are some tips:

  1. Make it a daily routine. Always be calm and patient with your pet so it is a happy experience
  2. Start by getting your pet used to brushing with your index finger. Gently lift the lips and massage the gums and teeth. Praise your pet for allowing this.
  3. Gradually build from here until your pet tolerates you massaging the gums for longer periods-this may take a few days to weeks.
  4. Choose a suitable brush. Start with a finger brush initially and eventually move onto a firmer bristled brush. We have some excellent pet tooth brushes specially shaped to help.
  5. Use a pet approved toothpaste. These are safe and are flavoured for added enjoyment. Never use human toothpaste.
  6. Brush in a circular action, emphasising the brush stroke away from the gums. Brush all four sides of each the tooth for two minutes.

Ask your vet to show you their dental care products.