Yes, pets do need dentistry.

Does your pet’s breath smell? While many people believe that bad breath is normal for their furry friends, it can actually be an indication of dental disease.

A healthy mouth is key to a happy healthy pet. It’s hard to believe that more than 80% of our dog and cat patients over three years of age have some form of periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease causes loss of soft tissues and bone around the teeth which can lead to tooth loss. It also causes gingivitis (inflammation and reddening of the gums). As you can imagine, periodontal disease can be very painful for your pet.

There are different severities of periodontal disease. The only way to accurately determine how severe it is, is to have the vet anaesthetise the pet and properly examine the teeth, gums and to take dental x-rays. Dental x-rays are now considered best practice. Some clinics perform dentals without them, here at Coast we follow Veterinary board guidelines and promote the best veterinary medicine for your pets. Periodontal disease also effects your pet’s internal organs. In fact the bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream of your pet and lead to changes in their heart, liver and kidneys which may affect their overall health and reduce their life span.

It is important to note that periodontal disease can be treated and managed, but once it is established, it cannot be cured except by extraction of teeth.

A professional dental clean allows all existing plaque to be removed that might get missed with home dental treatments.  Just like brushing your teeth daily, your pet needs daily dental treatment at home. There are a few different options  for you to choose from. Using a combination of options tend to work best.

Here are a few examples:

•Pet toothpaste and toothbrush to brush teeth daily
•Prescription dental diets e.g. Purina ProPlan Dental®, Royal Canin Dental® & Hills t/d®
•Dental treats e.g. Oravet
•Water-Additives e.g. Oxyfresh®
•Dental chew toys e.g. Kong, Hyperpet Dura Squeaks

Whatever you decide to use, make sure it is something that you can fit into a daily routine and stick with. Remember your pet is reliant on you for their dental health.

Regular check-ups are the key to preventing dangerous dental complications.  Coast Animal Health offers FREE DENTAL CHECKS.

How To Get a Free Dental Check
•It’s simple, give our team a call on (02) 4392 8822 and ask to book a free dental checkup.

What is included in the Free Dental Check

•A comprehensive examination of your pet’s teeth and gums.
•Assessment on the presence of dental disease and long-term health impact.
•An investigation into diet and life-style factors impacted dental health.
•Practical advice for everyday care of your pet’s teeth.
•Advice regarding further treatment options (if required).

Dentistry for pets