It’s traumatic when pets go missing and you fear for their safety and worry you may never find them again. By microchipping your pet, it allows you to be quickly reunited with your furry friend as soon as they are found. Each chip has a unique number that is detected using a microchip scanner. The microchip number is recorded on a database registry with details about the animal and owner. Should your pet stray or become lost, vets, animal shelters and local councils can scan your pet for a microchip and contact you via the database. It is a requirement of companion animal ownership, that animals be microchipped by 12 weeks age and then registered with your local council.

It is very important to keep your contact details up to date on the database so that if you move house or change your phone number you will still be contactable in the event of your pet becoming lost/stray.

If a pet is transferred to a new owner, the new owner must ensure their contact details are recorded on the database by completing the form below.

Your contact details can be up dated by completing the form below and lodge it with your local council, library, or animal care facility.


Microchipping has been instrumental in many happy reunions.

It’s safe and simple, and your pet will be so glad to return home!

Microchipping pets